Send in your photos

As you can probably tell from the dearth of photos of the band on the site, we'd be grateful if you would send in any photos of the band.

Most of our engagements are private functions and we don't have groupies in tow with a camera!

Naturally, if you send us your photos we will assume that you give consent for us to use them on this web site and other publicity material.

If you want us to use a copyright tagline under the photo please write the copyright owner's name and date on the reverse of each photo (or stipulate it in the email if you are submitting photos electronically).

Many thanks,

Graham and the band.


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If you run a website please provide a link to us. You can use our logo too if you wish.

Here's our logo with a transparent background:

Links to other sites

We are happy to link to other web sites that are relevant so feel free to email me your link requests (see contacts page).

Here's a couple to begin with:

Courteney and Walker

Woodwind, Brass, Stringed Instruments, Keyboards and Digital Pianos Sales - online and instore


Buy and sell second hand musical instruments on this free listings web site. Also fab for buying & selling secondhand school uniform and other school related items.

H.M.S. Warrior

One of our favourite venues. Find out more information at their web site.